The Seven Habits of Highly Intelligent Communities
Panel discussion Goal: Top Seven!
06/13 Toronto, Canada

Euro Cities Conference Arctic Smart City
Keynote speech Sustainable Digital Economy in the Age of Smart Cities
06/13 Oulu, Finland

”The Cloud and Canadian Communities”
Panel of Mayors and Thought Leaders
05/13 telepresence

Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF)
Sustainable Digital Economy
04/13 Oulu, Finland

Mobile Education in Mexico: Connecting the Future
”Trends in Learning Using Techonology” panel discussion
03/13 Mexico City, Mexico

Ministerial Program; Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Summit
Keynote speech ”The Role of Mobile Achieving Millenium Development Goals”
GSMA Mobile World Congress 02/13 Barcelona, Spain

Ministerial Program; panel ”Importance of Digital Dividend Spectrum in Connecting all”
GSMA Mobile World Congress 02/13 Barcelona, Spain

Member of GSMA Government Mobile Excellence Awards Judging Panel
GSMA Mobile World Congress 02/13 Barcelona, Spain

Ministerial Address: moderator
GETHealth: A Global Education & Technology Summit 02/13 New York, USA

The Government Iniatives for Connecting MENA Region
FTTH Council MENA Annual Conference 12/12 Doha, Qatar

Importance of the Broadband Plan
6th Axiata Annual regulatory Meeting 11/12 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lowering the Cost of of Broadband
ITU Telecom World Forum 10/12 Dubai

The Importance of Broadband Plan
ITU´s Global Symposium for Regulators 10/12 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Global ICT Strategies for Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage:
Key Success Factors Driving Mauritius as an ICT Hub
ICT-BPO International Conference 09/12 port Louis, Mauritius

What is Needed for the Nation to Be Intelligent
ICT-BPO International Conference 09/12 Port Louis, Mauritius

Diversity at the heart of a European Identity
European Diversity Forum, 07/12 Paris, France

Networks for an Innovative Economy
Global Telcom Business: Innovation Summit 06/12 London, Great Britain

Market Drivers to Encourage Broadband Investment in Asia Pacific
GSMA Mobile Asia Expo, Public Policy Forum 06/12 Shanghai, China

Key Economic Driver for the Next Decades
IDWorld Conference 06/12 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Superfast Broadband Inquiry
House of Lords Selected Committee on Communications
03/12 British Parliament

Global Trends
The AnnuI EMEA Summit IDWorld 03/12 Abu Dhabi

The Best Practise of Finland on Universal Access to Broadband
Connect Arab States 03/12 Doha, Qatar

World Mobile Congress 02/12 Barcelona, Spain
Government Ministerial Programme
Importance of Digital Dividend band for delivering Mobile Broadband services

Creating a Brighter Future
Fibre to the Home Conference 02/12 Munich, Germany
Different Government Approaches to FTTH Regulation

Novartis International Symposium 12/2011 Basel, Switzerland
New Media: drivers of democratizatio and development?
The Health-Agora: increase impact by coordinating e-health iniatives

Building an Intelligent Nation,
i-Canada Advisory Board meeting 11/Windsor-Essex,Ontario Canada
Keynote address: The game-Changer- Broadband as a Human Right

NextGeneration Broadband in UK, 11/2011 Bristol, United Kingdom
Global perspectives

IDWorld International Congress, 11/2011 Milan, Italy
Future of Mobile

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovations of CEU and Intelligent Community Forum, 10/2011 Budapest Hungary
Obstacles and Opportunities: Building Intelligent Communities in Central and Eastern Europe